Monday, June 27, 2011

Say it ain't so!!

It's been well documented on this blog just how much I love the Moustache Artist. You know, the anonymous street artist who wrote the word "moustache" beautifully in script across the upper lips of many personalities who appear in ads displayed in the NYC subway system.

In fact, one of the highlights of 2010 was finding two posters that were personalized for me - a thrill I will never forget!

This is one of the most romantic things anyone has ever done for me

Look! It's me and my moustached subway poster!

But more recently, I was beside myself with joy when I found and tumblr'd this. It was a cardboard cut out that was tagged not only above ground (breaking his tradition of underground subway poster tagging!) but I saw it just 2 blocks from my apartment. It meant the Moustache Artist was right here! In Greenpoint! The 11222! I may have even passed him on the street and not known it!

Well, I guess the NYPD was hard at work trying to capture this menace to society (don't get me started...) because I received terrible news yesterday - apparently my beloved Moustache Artist was arrested! Many blog readers, friends & twitter followers alerted me to the breaking news. Needless to say, I think this is a terrible injustice. (You can read about it in the Daily News and see what he really looks like. You will also see nothing but support in the comments for the piece!)

And according to Gothamist today, he was made to apologize and say he would 'never do it again'. Well you know what? This blows! For one thing I'm sure he isn't sorry. At least I hope he's not. However, I do believe he will not do it again - I mean, who wants to go to jail?! - and that's the part that blows.

I guess that means this is really over. I will miss those little "moustaches" so much. And not just me, I know many people were a fans of his work, much more so than the ridiculous posters he was defacing. His style was simple and elegant - and he gave me and many other commuters something to smile about on occasion.

So, in honor of Moustache Man and this unfortunate turn of events, I am showing off the moustache photos I took earlier this year that I haven't had time to blog. Here you go:

Farewell, Moustache Artist, I will forever be a huge fan and miss that gorgeous cursive of yours. Even though I know I won't see any more of your work, it will be a long time before I get out of the habit of scanning posters as I walk down a subway platform, hoping to catch a new "moustache". Thank you for brightening mine - and many other commuters - trips on the NYC subway system. Your work will be missed by many.

Stay strong and good luck in court! 

forever your fan, 
*Bitch Cakes*
President of the "Free Moustache Man!" campaign


Mary said...

When I first saw the news, I thought of you immediately, too. I just can't believe the moustaches will be no more!

Michelle said...

So sad, the end of an era! you know who he is and can go meet him!

Mike said...

Ya know, in MOST cases for an artist, this would be an amazing opportunity! Sadly in his case, this will probably be the end of him. :( I for one hope there are TONS of copycats! said...

I think that sucks.. It is NOT nasty language, nor anything vulgar about it. It is artsy if you ask me.. It sucks they wont let him do this again..