Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wait a minute...

ok why did it take me a month for this to hit me/bother me?

As I blogged, the "Moustache" artist left me this present on the Manhattan bound side of the Vernon-Jackson platform a while ago-

Close up of the poster I blogged about last night

and when I saw this on the Queens bound side of the platform days later, I just assumed it was from him again-

This is one of the most romantic things anyone has ever done for me

But the more I think about it, the more I think it was NOT left by the same person. After it was pointed out by reader Laramie Glen in my comments, I am certain the first "bitchcakes" moustache in the Warehouse 13 poster was done by THE moustache artist. I still have no idea who that person is but I assume they googled themselves and found my blog. But I am now fairly convinced the "Moustache Man <3 BitchCakes" poster was done by an imposter! Not done by the actual moustache artist!


I mean, I'm no handwriting analyst, but since the curly-que before the "m" in moustache is done in the wrong direction, the "b"s in "bitchcakes" don't match, and the pen used in the latter picture is not as thick, I am just inclined to think these were not done by the same person.

And if that's true, it begs the question - who would go through so much trouble for me? Is it someone who really loves me (not likely - despite my online popularity, I'm pretty unlovable) or is it someone who wanted to see me blog about them, albeit anonymously? I mean really - who was it and what were their intentions?! And will I ever know??

All I do know is I haven't seen a new "moustache" in Queens for a few weeks now. But readers are writing in to me that they've spotted his work on other lines. In midtown, I think it was, I have to check my email (thanks readers!). But this guy is clearly on the move. He's made himself famous in LIC so he now has bigger fish to fry in Manhattan.

I won't lie - I miss seeing his "moustaches" in LIC and I still look for them. I hope this isn't over...


Roller Coaster Operator said...

I've seen the mustache signatures in 49th ST station on the Q/N/R line. But I'm sure you're long aware of those.

K.C. said...

"(not likely - despite my online popularity, I'm pretty unlovable)"

Owww. Honey, no. Not true at all. Please, do not put yourself down like that. You are lovable.

Maybe not by every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes along, but you *are*.

You are a rare treasure. You have worked too hard on yourself to state such a blatant falsehood about yourself. If you were truly "unloveable", then why bother?

I'm as picky, temperamental & bitchy as they come. But that don't mean I'm unloveable!

You are loved. As a daughter, friend, role model, fellow gym-rat, punk roper, cruiser-rider, are loved.

Geeger said...

How thrilling! I do hope your handwriting forgery skills are off (and whose are ever on, for that matter?) and this is indeed Moustache Man! What a fun mystery! Can't wait to see how it unfolds. Thank you again for your posts. I always look forward to my blog breaks at work!

stackofpennies said...

I am no expert but I really think it's the same person. Perhaps the slight difference is because Mr. Mustache was using a different pen. The letters are formed almost exact and look at where the k slopes down and then turns into an e. What a mystery. said...

I just noticed I have the same pair of earrings you are wearing in this photo and I also have this huge brooch that matches it. Dont you just love vintage pieces?

Alex Engel said...

He's in the 2nd Ave F station!

brynn said...

For what it's worth, I think they are the same. Sure, there are slight differences but there are way more similarities.

Just found your blogs and I think you are awesome!

Patty (nycgirl0501) said...

Okay, now I only see the differences! bummer! Let's hope the real one resurfaces!