Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A follow up to my Miss Grand Central post

Since crowning myself Miss Grand Central, the media has swarmed in on me! Well I guess that's a bit of an exaggeration, but two sites did pick up my post...

I'd like to thank Crushable for not only writing about me and linking to the post, but interviewing me too (it's a pretty fantastic interview if I may say so myself).

Also, in case any of you wandered over here from those sites or are fairly new readers, I just wanted to point out a few more things about my love affair with Grand Central Terminal that you may not know:
  1. I photograph it often. Here's my Flickr set of photos of Grand Central.
  2. I am a bit bathroom obsessed and I eagerly awaited the opening of the refurbished downstairs bathroom. When it was finally revealed, I blogged a review.
  3. And when the upstairs bathroom was redone, I not only blogged about that too, but that has become my favorite bathroom - the one where I take my (nearly) daily photo.
  4. I blogged about the Whispering Gallery aka Whispering Corners outside of the Oyster Bar (yes, they really work!)
  5. I met TV celebrity, and World Champion, Judah Friedlander in Grand Central.
  6. I once was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit and walk on the glass walkway with my favorite Metro North conductor, Anthony.
  7. And prepare to be very jealous: I managed to score one of the best birthday gifts ever last year - a mini photoshoot and personal tour of Grand Central Terminal with Dan Brucker. (yes, I am ten pounds heavier in those photos) I somehow (looks? personality? luck? probably all three) scored that super secret tour of parts of Grand Central that very few people ever get to see!
So as you can see, my memories here and love for this magnificent building run deep. And I'm excited about the upcoming one hundred year anniversary in 2013 - I wonder what they will have planned (one suggestion: no more laser light/electronic events please. They cheapen the beautiful interior. Thanks). I, for one, want to be a part of this celebration and will gladly make another appearance as Miss Grand Central!

One last thing - call me a hopeless romantic - but if I am ever proposed to again, I want it to be in Grand Central Terminal (as opposed to the first time, when it happened in the front seat of my 92 Jetta in front of the courthouse in downtown Brooklyn. Tres romantic!). Of course I will have to find someone worthy of dating me first. But yeah, that's my fantasy. A girl can dream...


Diana said...

How lucky you are to be able to love your commute.
As a little girl I loved the organized chaos of the place. The vastness and knowing all the stories that beautiful building holds. As an adult I still wander in and stand looking up at the ceiling and it gives me goose bumps.
For years now I've wanted to have dinner at Metrazur. Maybe one of these days I'll treat myself. If I tell them I know Ms. Grand Central think I'll get a good table?

Emily Elizabeth said...

Lol I am still incredibly jealous of your special tour of Grand Central. I too am eager to see the events for Grand Central's centennial. For New Haven Union Station's 90th they had a big cake... imagine how big the cake would have to be if they wanted to do that in Grand Central. They could get Juniors to make it. Mmmm.

Emily Elizabeth said...

Actually if I remember from the stories I read, at the rededication in 98 of GC they had acrobats in the main concourse, flying up with that gorgeous sky. Far better than some silly light show.

Alaina said...

Have you shared your Miss Grand Central photos with any of the people you have met who work there? I would like you to be the official Miss Grand Central!