Saturday, May 9, 2009

NY Transit Museum Tour: Old City Hall Station

As most of you know, I'm a proud member of the NY Transit Museum and I like to attend their tours throughout the year. One tour I had been looking forward to since becoming a member was the City Hall Station tour.

I've heard the City Hall stop referred to as the 'crown jewel' in the NYC subway system - one look at its magnificence and you will understand why. It opened in 1904 but was shut down to the public in 1945 on account of the longer trains and the large gap created between the train and the platform, due to the severe but gorgeous curvature of the platform.

Since it's shut down to the public, the only way you can see this magnificent station is via the NY Transit Museum's semi-annual tour. I had been looking forward to this since joining the museum and last November I was finally lucky enough to snag a spot on this highly anticipated event. My friend and fellow transit enthusiast, Billy Woerner (who, if you don't already know, is an amazing photographer) was just as eager to see it as I was.

We met at the Brooklyn Bridge stop of the 6 Train, and we, along with our fellow train nerds boarded and rode the 6 one more stop - just feet, really - till we reached our glorious destination...

Look how amazing old City Hall station is!

Look at the tile, the arches, the lighting, the hot chick posing on the stairs (oh wait, that's me)-

Hi, It's me!

Look at the ceiling where the arches meet!

The ceiling is breathtaking

On the platform- so many arches!

So many glorious arches!

Here, a 6 train comes through so it can turn around and restart its route (note the large gap between the train and the platform- the reason this stop is no longer in use):

The 6 Train comes here to turn around (but no longer stops at this station)

They just don't build them like this anymore, and likely never will again:

Look at these beautiful layers of tile:

Layers of Tile

I love how the corners meet up-

The arches are stunning

Billy, on the platform:

Billy Woerner

If you'd like to see this impressive piece of NY Transit history (and who wouldn't?), you'll have to become a member of the NY Transit Museum. This tour is not open to non-members. So sign up today, and tell em Bitch Cakes sent ya!

(Note: My entire flickr set from this transit adventure can be seen here)