Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Super Secret Tour of Grand Central

I've mentioned my favorite Metro North conductor, Anthony, before. Well, one night after we got to Grand Central back in May, he treated me to something few commuters ever get to experience... A view of the Grand Central main floor from the glass walkway 4 stories up!

I hadn't blogged this yet because I didn't like what I was wearing. Not to mention I have on my iPod, and it was my old (shitty) camera. I keep telling him I need a do-over: where my hair is done, I'm wearing something hot and I take off that stupid iPod. Anyway, we haven't had a chance to redo it yet, so I am sharing these photos. Eventually I will have better photos and another blog. But check out how cool this is.

This is a view of the glass walkway from the main floor. This is where we were headed-

This is the dial of the ancient (nearly 100 year old) elevators that we took to get up there-

Elevator Dial

And this is the light fixture inside the elevator-

Ceiling inside the elevator

Here I am on the stairs-

And here are some shots of the main hall from 4 stories up. So cool!

Looking out onto the main floor from the 4th floor secret walkway!

Some close ups of the ceiling-

Ceiling of Grand Central's Main Hall

Ceiling in Grand Central

And me on the glass walkway-

On the glass walkway, 4 floors up in Grand Central


And this is a short video I took up there. You can hear me and Anthony talking briefly-

Anthony should be reading this and I hope it puts a fire under his ass to get me back up there again. But I need at least a day's notice- so my hair is fantastic and I'm dressed to the nines.


Trout said...

WOW . . . thanks for sharing that, what an incredible place. I'm insanely jealous of the tour you received.

rowan said...

i love love love the elevator dial.

deliciousME said...

omg girl - stfu - you look gorgeous - awesome post.....so cool.....

dee said...

That's great! You're so lucky! And you look gorgeous as always, so shush.

madeleine said...

first off, the pics look great...the shadows and brown-ish tone underscore the building's age.

secondly, you look great. Seriously, fantastic, and I kind of like the fact that this was improptu

Brooks of Sheffield said...

You look fine to me, Bitchcakes.

English Marc said...

Sooo jealous.
S on this same thread I noticed a while ago (whether it was on this blog or your flickr) that you had a picture taken from what looked like the cab of a Metro North train...
Funny how all the people on the concourse looked ant like.

Mad_Gerbil said...

You must share with us the meaning/significance of your tattoos! Surely they mean more than "I had too much to drink one Friday nite"!

Paul said...

I think the tattoo of the BooBerry Ghost means I like BooBerry Cereal...

Am I right bittycake?

Mad_Gerbil said...

Don't listen to Paul, Cakes. He's a well known internet stalker. If you ignore him he'll eventually go away.

Trout said...

Her tattoos mean that she's a rockabilly goddess with perfect taste.

Unlike you with that John McCain tattoo adorning your large ass, Gerbil.

*Bitch Cakes* said...

Oh my god, I was in the middle of a new blog and you guys cracked my shit up with this...

Mad Gerbil- I have 20 tattoos over 19 years and probably 12 relationships. That would be a very long story. But suffice it to say, I was only drunk for 1 or 2.

Paul, Yes indeed. I love Booberry. I also love Tabasco- which is why I have an actual size Tabasco bottle on my leg (the 5 oz bottle).

Trout- that actually made me snort with laughter. Thank you for the compliment and the laugh.

*Bitch Cakes* said...

I look awful- you people are too nice to me. But thank you.

English Marc- Yes, I am going to blog that too. Those pics are also about 6 months old now. I'm very behind :(