Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Favorite Metro North Conductor

As with most things, I have a routine for my ride home from work each night. Normally I catch the 5:22 out of White Plains and do my best to secure a seat in the 2nd car (the bathroom car), in the back, by the conductor's booth. It's a great little hidden spot that most people don't even realize is there. Usually the chair is locked in the upright position (but sometimes it's not), and you just have to ask the conductor to unlock it.

Once I claim my spot, I like to hang my extra bag and coat on the pull down coat hooks. I keep my pocket book next to me on the seat, and curl up with my iPod and Metro newspaper-

My own private little nook on the Metro North home

The normal 5:22 rides home are uneventful (other than cane lady's antics, of course); but on Mondays, the ride home is completely different.

Mondays I leave earlier so I can make my Weight Watchers meeting. I catch the 4:51 out of White Plains- again securing the same seat- which happens to be opposite the conductor's booth. And on Mondays, an attractive, young Italian guy by the name of Anthony is the conductor that sits in that seat-

Anthony, my favorite Metro North conductor

And here I am sitting across from him with my Metro newspaper. Don't I look cozy?

My cozy corner seat on the ride home

Anthony and I usually chat most of the trip. We fill each other in on our lives, our jobs, our upcoming or past weekend plans, my fascination with the MTA/travel, his outrageous passenger stories- and as with most conversations- random things that just cross our minds also happen to be revealed. He never fails to humor and entertain me and I'm always amazed how quickly the time passes and I realize we are already pulling into Grand Central. Anthony is a good guy with a great heart. He's kind, funny and handsome, although, surprisingly - a little shy with the ladies...

I've been spoiled lately- catching Anthony a few times a week instead of only once and we're even pals on myspace now. I haven't seen him since last Wednesday, so it will be nice to catch up with him tonight. The peaceful Metro North ride home in that little private corner is such a nice way to end the day- but it isn't the same without him.

Save my seat, Anthony! I'll be there soon!


Anonymous said...

Shy with the ladies? HAH! That's a good one.

*Bitch Cakes* said...

Anthony is very sweet and shy. I'm assuming you know him in real life though and have seen him act otherwise. :)

Anonymous said...

haha!......i guess rocco doesnt ride that TRAIN?...hat, tie, jacket?.....assuming the attitude of sleep?.........lol

Paul aka Conductor # 1!! said...

Anthony shy with the ladies??? Guessin' you do not know him very well. I have worked with him tons of times out of North White Plains, both him as my trainman, and in my beginnings he was my conductor, and I tell you shy he is not!! Quite the ladie's man, actually.....then again ain't we all!! :-D lol Truth though, he's a nice guy, funny as hell.....and I like to bust his chops a lot!! :-D By they way, I do not think he will be on your train anymore, as I see, he will be working an evening gig out of GCT now. I hope this news didn't upset you, I apologize if it did!! :-)

*Bitch Cakes* said...

No!!! Really? I might never see him again?!

Anonymous said...

You'll see him again. Nothing (at least as far as our scheduling goes) is forever on the railroad.

Anonymous said...

there is a very attractive guy named anthony who 'checks my ticket' every morning on the 723am metro north out of south norwalk. looking at your pics, i see it's not the same anthony...the eye candy is great tho!!